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Price moderate tunnel loading preferred loader Scraper


Scraper loader brief introduction

Loader Scraper-威尼斯人备用网址, the machine can be carried in the tunnel which has the track to carry on the slag loading operation. Commonly used in coal mines and non coal mines, such as phosphate ore, gold, lead, zinc ore, bauxite, copper mine of slag for loading and Scraper loader not only can be used in the drift, can also be used in slope less than 35 degrees of inclined shaft, and the use is convenient. Loader Scraper applicable to the tunnel size of 1.8 x 1.8 meters to 4 x 4 meters, the different tunnel can use the corresponding mechanical size, of course, can also be tailored according to the needs of users. The machinery for the 60s after the product, product technology mature stable, cheap, low maintenance amount. Is the most economic and the most expensive loading and unloading equipment at present. Cost high tunnel loading preferred.


From the manufacturers to the mine to install

We generally from the factory shipped to the mines, Scraper loader are packaging, to the mines, the user only need the packing assembly can in the first time Scraper loader need the wire rope is wound to the inside of the drum to. Will be assembled Scraper loader pulled after working face, need to face the wall lay a solid pile, and then hanging pulley and the wire rope can be operate using (of course, also need to be connected to the power supply), peacetime operations only need one station next to the Scraper loader operation two handle can be completed slag off loading operations.

Scraper loader operational principle

Motor started by the motor drive speed reducer, inside the gear reducer drives the central shaft, inside the central axis to link the two drum of center gears, work, brake locking tight drum brakes, the inner gear stop running, planetary gear in the center wheel drive along the inner gear rolling, so that by the planet gear drives the roller to rotate and winding wire rope traction scraper, which enables the scraper bucket in a head-on loading rod stone along the trough to discharge discharge port. www.pazhaji.com-www.vn8.com

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About after sales
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