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Mine Scraper loader P series scraper


For Scraper loader, which is our rock rake bucket loading machine, the machine is not very wide use. Since the advent of loader Scraper, he brought us a lot of achievements, no matter in the coal mine, or in other metal mines, and even some diversion hole in it. For those who often play tunnel it is everywhere, it is because of the Scraper loader, we will reduce the workload, we will accelerate the speed of loading, the yield will increase the mine. Although now we have a lot of mine began to use the new, slag skimming machine equipment is loaded, but for old workmates, or Scraper loader using up practical education. After all, it has been so years of history, the usual maintenance is also less. Scraper loader is an early handling machinery in coal mine industry recognized at the same time, Scraper loader manufacturing technology is mature and stable, thus creating the Scraper loader become the mining enterprises using slag mechanical loading equipment widely. Scraper loader is Chengdu Ruidi through mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. is one of the key products, and is also a coal slag raking indispensable equipment. For more information please pay attention: www.pazhaji.com MuckingLoader factory store


The working performance of Scraper loader:

Scraper loader mainly for coal mine, metallurgy, mines, tunnels and tunnel excavation with in a tub or skip bucket for loading operations. Planetary gear transmission is used for Scraper loader host part. The series Scraper loader has the characteristics of rock high efficiency, simple structure, good reliability, convenient operation, applicable range wide, Scraper loader not only can for entry, and can be used in the 30 degrees below the oblique lane, is improving the driving speed, the tunnel boring machine (TBM) is one of the main mechanical equipment. In the coal mine, in the tunnel without the use of equipment is loaded, usually 4-6 class, two classes a day, and one day perhaps most can only put two guns. Although taken Scraper loader, usually 2-3 classes, two classes a day, a day up to four guns, so that not only accelerated the tunneling speed, reduce the manual labor, at the same time for mine safety has provided a guarantee. To bring greater value to improve work efficiency, high Scraper value of loader can help you improve your driving speed more quickly!

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