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Scraper loader Factory direct P15


Scraper loader Factory direct P15 scraper bucket machine, P30 scraper loader, P60 loader, P90 coal rake machine. Our company specializing in the production of Mining handling equipment and transport equipment, welcome new and old customers come to buy. The company's main products are: Grilled slag machine, Scraper loader, scraper winch, electric rake, dispatching winch, lifting winch, mine explosion-proof diesel locomotive, and mining diesel tricycle, small loaders, engineering front tipper, the mini excavator.

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Scraper loader mainly for coal mine, metallurgy, mines, tunnels and tunnel excavation with in a tub or skip bucket for loading operations. Planetary gear transmission is used for Scraper loader host part. The series Scraper loader has the characteristics of rock high efficiency, simple structure, good reliability, convenient operation, applicable range wide, Scraper loader not only can for entry, and can be used in the 30 degrees below the oblique lane, is improving the driving speed, the tunnel boring machine (TBM) is one of the main mechanical equipment. Loader 10-20 in the roadway where the distance from the Scraper meters, the user can adjust according to the actual situation of their own lane. www.pazhaji.com


P15Scraper loader technical parameter

Load per hour: 15 - 30
Rake bucket volume: 0.15 cubic meters
Gauge: 600/900
Maximum traction of the main rope: 10.4KN
Motor power: 11KW
Applicable net broken area: 2.2 * 2.2 m
Machine weight: 2.5 tons
Dimensions: 4.71 x 1.15 x 1.56 M

Ruiditong card Scraper loader. The whole plate is by strengthening the thick steel plate wear-resisting mixture in manganese steel manufacture, inside the box and drum gear reducer is through a series of processing manufacturing and become, scraper bucket made of cast iron and high manganese steel wear resistant pouring material, whether it is Scraper loader or scraper bucket are wear resistant use for a long time. Global quality loader Scraper where to find? Sichuan to find Chinese reddy! Reddy specializes in the production of various specifications of Scraper and loader waste machine and scraper rake.

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