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MuckingLoader 's classification


     MuckingLoader, ballast machine, mine and tunnel dedicated to the slag loading operations, can significantly improve the efficiency of slag loading. Tunnel loading generally adopts the wheel loader, but small loader cannot tunnel into the loading operation, some will use artificial loading, but that is a waste of time and spreading labor costs, so MuckingLoader is the best choice. Our company MuckingLoader is divided into two kinds, one for the box type MuckingLoader, the other for the bridge type MuckingLoader, box type MuckingLoader is the bridge type MuckingLoader upgrade version, each has its own advantages.



    Talk about the bridge type MuckingLoader bridge type MuckingLoader is currently more manufacturers out of the MuckingLoader, the MuckingLoader of the automobile chassis for the bridge, MuckingLoader console near the steering wheel, low disk for 4WD chassis. Drive shaft. For the late maintenance, the chassis also need regular maintenance. The disadvantage is that later maintenance more.


   Again is the box type MuckingLoader, box type MuckingLoader is box type chassis factory 08 years mid developed, as well as four-wheel drive, is very stable, no steering wheel can control the steering and chassis can handle, virtually no maintenance, replacement of a gear oil can be used for a long time. Box type MuckingLoader chassis hydraulic pipe protection is also designed to be quite perfect, no matter how you operate, will not hang the hydraulic pipe broken. This is also a feature. The disadvantage is that the price of box type MuckingLoader slightly higher.

   Overall, both the axle type MuckingLoader or box type MuckingLoader, I plant MuckingLoader are your choice, MuckingLoader is a weapon to make money, and quickly bring back the site money.

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